Franchise Questions

Do I need prior experience with electric scooters or electric bicycles?
No. However, we do require actual experience in either retail or consumer sales, but you do not need mechanical knowledge or vehicle sales experience. We will train you on all aspects on the business.
Do I need to be present in my business on a full time basis or can I hire a manager?
We will give priority to owners/operators who plan on being involved in the business on a full time basis since customer service and attention to detail are key ingredients to the success of owning a Scooteretti franchise. We will consider manager-run proposals from owners/investors on the basis of our approval and training of competent managers with a stake in the business.
Will I need to carry a large inventory of vehicles and where do I get them from?
No, you will carry a minimum of scooters and accessories and all your products will come from Scooteretti or approved reliable suppliers.
How many employees do I need?
Our model suggests that you will operate the boutique by yourself for a while and then hire part-time people as the business grows.
How do I make my money and how much can I expect?
You will make your gross profit from the sale of the vehicles and accessories and be responsible for all your operating expenses.  We cannot predict or guarantee how much profit you will make at the end of the year as many factors, not under our control, will influence these results.
Do I need to develop my own marketing and advertising budget?
No, we will manage the Marketing and advertising activities on your behalf, based on our past experience in this business.
Do I pay royalties?
Yes, you will pay an ongoing royalty of 4% on all your sales before taxes. You will pay us a monthly advertising contribution of 5% which we will use to advertise your location and the business for the benefit of all franchisees. There will be an upfront initial franchise fee of $25,000. This fee will be paid once for the initial term of the Franchise Agreement of 10 years. You will be able to renew this agreement for another 10 years if you are in compliance.

If you have any further franchise questions, certainly feel free to contact us as it would be our pleasure to assist you.