Why Scooteretti?

The Scooteretti brand is in part a lifestyle. Our electric vehicles evoke the sleek European lines of traditional gas-powered scooters, but without the pollution, insurance costs or driver’s license. Scooteretti owners are a proud community who want all the fun and style but none of the hassle. If you are interested in becoming a Scooteretti franchisee, you already understand the great looks and reliable performance that our vehicles can offer customers. But what can owning a franchise offer you?

Scooteretti has always been about making products that are “engineered to be better”. Will, Scooteretti’s founder and President, conceived the idea for his company while living and working in China, where he adopted the local trend of commuting to work on an electric scooter. While he loved the freedom of evading rush-hour traffic and plugging his ride in at the end of the day, the quality, reliability and safety of scooters on the market left much to be desired.

So Will committed to building something better. That commitment led him to develop a line of safe, reliable scooters that are built from the highest-quality components and provide an unparalleled riding experience for his customers. Will stays on the pulse of emerging technologies and the electric vehicle markets. This allows him to form relationships with leading manufacturers and source Scooteretti components only from the best. He is involved in every aspect of the company, from initial R&D to service and maintenance to retail sale. Will’s passion for and commitment to his product will be passed on to you. You will share his enthusiasm for the Scooteretti lifestyle and feel at home with the brand.

Scooteretti-Franchise-StoreAs a Scooteretti franchisee, you will oversee a bright, clean, professional store that feels like a high-end boutique. Your 1,200 to 1,400 square feet of retail space will showcase an impressive selection of scooters, e-bikes and accessories. When your first customers immediately respond to the welcoming atmosphere and beautiful products, you will understand what being part of the Scooteretti family is all about.